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Don't overlook Girona

A taste of gourmet in Catalonia

Girona – formerly overlooked by the masses heading to Barcelona – has in the last 20 years been rejuvenated, in looks, style, culture and attitude. Throw in a round or two of some of the best golf in the country, and perhaps even a Ryder Cup (we'll see) and who could ask for more? 

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A magnet for sun-starved golfers

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol has been a magnet for sun-starved golfers for half a century. The competition is getting tougher – other ‘Costas’ such as Costa Blanca, Brava and Dorada want their share of the Spanish golf pie. But with Europe’s best weather and more than 80 courses, is Costa del Sol still the place to go for birdies, bunkers and beaches?

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"You will have lots of birdies"

Kiawah’s playful cougar

“Have fun. You will have lots of birdies,” was the message from Gary Player on Twitter when we told him we were heading to his classic design on Kiawah Island: Cougar Point.

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The quiet north

Tranquility in Tenerife

If you have ever been to the tourist areas in the south of Tenerife, tranquility may not be the first word that comes to mind when describing your vacation. But there's another side of Tenerife.

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Assoufid gets a new release

Assoufid revival

There was only one golf course in Marrakech 20 years ago. Spurred by successive golf-loving monarchs, course architects from around the world have descended upon the Red City. The result has been seven new courses in the last few years. The latest, after a long wait, is Assoufid.

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The landmark lighthouse is visible from most of the holes.The landmark lighthouse is visible from most of the holes.Photo: Bo Sjosten (qhd-960:2048)

On the southern tip of Sweden

Swedish Links

Quickly: When you think of Sweden, what comes first to mind? Was it IKEA, or maybe Volvo? Or did you think of the fjords? Or maybe even the Alps?

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Northern Ireland

Royal treatment

We headed to Northern Ireland to figure out how such a small country has been able to produce so many world class golfers – the latest crop being Graeme McDowell, Darren Clarke and of course the hottest player on the planet right now, Rory McIlroy. We think we found the answer, and while we went looking we got the 'royal treatment.'

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The Ryder Cup comes home

It's been an incredible 41 years since the Ryder Cup was last held in Scotland. With the return to Scotland and specifically Gleneagles, it's a kind of a homecoming.

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