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Photo: Bo Sjosten (qhd-960:2048)

Full service resort

Konopiste Golf Club

Konopiste is different than most golf clubs in the Czech Republic in that is a complete resort, including two golf courses, training facilities, a hotel, a full service spa, and a restaurant.

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Tough championship course

Albatross Golf Resort

The Albatross golf course is located on the western side of Prague, not far from the airport. It is a new championship golf course opened in 2010.

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The ultra modern club house at the Albatross Golf Course.The ultra modern club house at the Albatross Golf Course.Photo: Bo Sjosten (qhd-960:3840)

More than Prague

Golf in the Czech Republic

You may have been to Prague. It is a stunning city, full of cultural heritage, beautiful architecture, and magnificent views. It's also a party city, in the summer full of young and old from all over the world having a good time, enjoying the sights and the good food and local beer. But the Czech Republic is so much more than just Prague. We went looking for – what else? – good golf courses.

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