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Don't overlook Girona

A taste of gourmet in Catalonia

Girona – formerly overlooked by the masses heading to Barcelona – has in the last 20 years been rejuvenated, in looks, style, culture and attitude. Throw in a round or two of some of the best golf in the country, and perhaps even a Ryder Cup (we'll see) and who could ask for more? 

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Costa Brava

The second Riviera

The sun-drenched ”Costas” on the south coast of Spain, from Costa Blanca to Costa del Sol, are perennial golf holiday favorites. Costa Brava, the Catalan coast north of Barcelona, has received less attention. That is changing.

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Beaches, gastronomy, sophistication

Golf in Costa Brava

Costa Brava on the Catalan coast north of Barcelona is Spain’s gathering place for golfers who appreciate sophistication, class and an international atmosphere.

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