Ardglass Golf Club, Northern Ireland

Ardglass Golf Club – Review and Rating

A recent question was put to Rory McIlroy about his favorite golf course in Northern Ireland – he chose Ardglass.

When following the signs to Ardglass, we first think we have taken a wrong turn as we have arrived at a medieval castle. But we have come to the right place. Ardglass has the oldest clubhouse in the world, housed in an old castle with parts of the building dating back to the 13th century. The club had its beginnings in 1896 in one of the stables, and soon rented the building and the land in front to lay out an 8-hole golf course. The course was gradually expanded and reached its current 18-hole layout in the 1990s.

Ardglass Golf Club Information
Address Castle Place,  , BT30 7TP Ardglass, , Northern Ireland (View map)
Phone+44 (0)28 44 841219
Email[email protected]
Total # of holes18

The first three holes are dramatically laid out along the Irish Sea.

The first is an uphill par four to a narrow fairway, with all the opportunities to land the ball on the rocky seashore. The second is a par three over a ravine, oftentimes into a gale-force wind – as was the case on the day we played. Reaching the green 160 yards away required a well-struck spoon, and it still landed a bit short. And so it continues, with eight of the holes bordering the Irish Sea. The only respite comes on a few heathland holes in the middle of the round, but even they are a challenge with strong winds. At the turn, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the bay and village just south of Ardglass before you turn back toward the sea for more punishment by the wind. But it’s a good punishment – every hole is a joy to play.

Ardglass Golf Club Information
Number of holes18
Greenfee, 1 (low) - 5 (high)3
Course AvailabilityOpen to Public
Course TypeLinks
Year Opened1896



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