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Grand View Pines Golf Club, Minnesota

Minnesota – Land of golf

Most people can name the three big US golf states; Florida, California, and Arizona. But which state is number four? The answer may surprise you.

Amelkis Golf Club, Marrakech, Morocco

Tough times for “old” clubs

Today we headed to one of the “older” golf clubs in Marrakech, Amelkis Golf Club, which first opened in 1995. Eons ago in Marrakech golf

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Hammamet, Tunisia

Golf in Tunisia

Tunisia established itself as a winter golf destination in the 1990s and early 2000s, attracting many frozen European golfers. Then came the revolution and the

Tierra del Sol Resort and Golf, Aruba

Lazy days, relaxed swing on Aruba

It took 92 million years from the ‘birth’ of the volcanic island of Aruba until Walter J. Wiggins walked from the landing strip where his

Assoufid Golf Club, Marrakech, Morocco

The pinnacle of luxury

As you follow the highway southwest of Marrakech the landscape is predominantly flat, not unlike what you would see on the plains of the US

Golf d'Etretat, Normandy, France

Discovering golf in Normandy

Stepping up to the 10th tee at Golf d’Etretat in Normandy, the world is laid out at our feet: the chalk cliffs, the Needle Rock,

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Saare Golf Course, Estonia

Half the course, twice the fun?

Through the years I’ve had the privilege to play many of world’s best golf courses, and it is indeed a spectacular experience. It is exciting

PGA Catalunya 3rd hole with hole 11 across the lake

Ireland’s Premier Golf Nut

If you ever go across the sea to Ireland, look out for my good friend Ivan Morris. Here’s a man who is so incredibly steeped

Around the world in 80 rounds by David Wood

Around the World in 80 Rounds

Have you ever felt like you need to start a new life? Ditch your job, sell all your possessions (except your golf clubs) and just



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