Ingersoll Golf Course, Rockford, Illinois

Ingersoll Golf Course – Review and Rating

Ingersoll Golf Course is Rockford's oldest 18 hole course, opened in 1922.

Before Ingersoll, Rockford only had one golf course, the nine hole Sinnissippi course. But demand increased, and in 1922 Ingersoll was opened by the Rockford Park District as the result of a donation from the Ingersoll family. It was to be the beginning of a long dedication to golf from the Park District.

The goal was to provide golf for everyone. As the Director stated at the time "...with one object in mind, that of supplying more golf facilities. Golf is no longe a game for Scotsment, those who have wealth, or those of age, but is rapidly developing into a game played by men and women of all types and classes..."

In the beginning, there were no green fees, golf was simply free. In 1926 the fee was raised to $1. Not the green fee, but the fee to play for one year! A complete bargain, even at 1926 prices. The dedication to providing golf for everyone has continued, and the Park District maintains low green fees at all their courses. At Ingersoll, the green fee is under $20.

In the 60s, the course was popular with the Italians of Rockford. A lot of gambling took place, and the Italians more or less ruled at the club. Rumour even has it that a body was found in a sand trap on hole 13. Things came to a point, and the FBI raided the clubhouse to "clean things up". Since then there have been no more reports of trouble.

Ingersoll Golf Course Information
Address 101 Daisyfield Rd,  , IL 61102 Rockford, Illinois, USA (View map)
Phone +1-815-987-8834
Total # of holes18

Ingersoll Golf Course is a nice parkland course, surrounded by mature trees.

Ingersoll is very much a back and forth course. The main difficulty lies in the trees, and there are many of them. You more often than not have to play out sideways, and end up losing a stroke.

The greens are rather flat, but not too flat. The speed of the greens depends on the season, but they are generally not championship speed. During the summer they can be rather firm, and encourage a bump-and-run style of play.

Ingersoll Golf Course Information
Number of holes18
Greenfee, 1 (low) - 5 (high)1
Course AvailabilityOpen to Public
Season April  - October
Course TypeParkland
Course DesignerTom Bendelow / Bob Lohmann
Year Opened1922



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